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Allmost 2 years ago I paid Jason Barlett (Lakeside Upholstery) $1,400 to re cover my dad's pickup front seat, headliner, door panels & dash...He took the money No work!! Took him to court won still no money or work... he's a crook! he's done this to many others.... PLEASE PEOPLE DON'T GIVE THIS CROOK A DIME!!!! he's moved 5 times thrown out of many.... I'm Handicapped and all this Money is alot for me...He don't care! He even gave me a $50 check Bounced higher than a kite...WARNING THIS GUY IS A CROOK!!!! The guy is Heartless..I've been... Read more

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  • Dec 13, 2014
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416 numbers for sale isa Scam! Add comment

I have an EX boyfriend who for 16 months or more did nothing but harass me VIA the internet/social media, pretty much day and nite. The harassment included making fake Facebook pages in my name,making websites about me physically and sexually abusing my 2 young children(also uploading pictures of me and my 2 children) and making a complaint about me on Scam Book. Not only was the complaint on Scam Book completely UNTRUE,full of slander and defamation,the complaint asked for a 1 million dollar compensation..which to my knowledge means if I... Read more

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Tufties Hair salon in Rawtenstall lancashire England are the most rude and terrible service I have ever had. I went to get my hair cut and dried 125 pounds and all the staff were the worst I have ever set eyes upon The owner a lady by the name of Vicky was extremely rude I have heard about a story of a ladies hair falling out Don't go anywhere near this place I would not recommend this to anybody at all Please stay away pass this info onto all your friends and family they have to be stopped I would also say that there is one lady there with a... Read more

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SCAMBOOK IS A MASSIVE SCAM!!! The only SCAM is SCAMBOOK. They extort money from small businesses. When someone files a complaint with scambook (real, fake, madeup by scambook, or a competitor) - scambook then contacts the complaint the complaint is against and DEMANDS $500/month every month to remove any the compalints do not stay if you pay. Extortion. Google "SCAMBOOK" and page will see all of the compalints AGAINST scam book. These jokers had to leave Illinois because the Attorney General there filed suit.... Read more

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Previously, like in 2012 and 2013, I reported a scammer by the name of Diplomat Ben Smith; it is presented 100% honestly; however, now there is a load of new info. I have been trying, on and off all evening to update the info on this very smooth operator and how he has changed his scamming talents! Nope, not going to happen! None of the links work, there is no way to contact them to ask "why?" Then I tried to log in; had forgotten the password; sent a request for same; nope, not at either of my email addresses! Not a happy camper right... Read more

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Long story short, x-employee of mine who worked for 1 day, cash laborer, called for more work, I didn't have any, he got irrate, he was intoxicated, started writing fake reviews about my company all over the internet. Sometimes he writes as a customer and others himself...I know its him. He has created an entire Facebook page bashing my business. He has been warned by police etc...he wrote a fake review on, I wrote them an email explaining situation, (I am charging the x-employee w/harrassment) and a Zak wrote me and advised me... Read more

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I was recently scammed by a company selling a product(Loreliaskincare)and when I signed up at scambook guess what my free gift was for participating in their survey,you quessed it(Loreliaskincare product)Talk about a coincidence.How is it possible that you would allow these scam artists to infiltrate your website and continue scamming consumers that rely on people like you to help them blog out such thieves.I quess in this day and age evrybody is out to make a buck and you are obviously no better than the thieving scumbags that are out there... Read more

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Scambook has a posting with my name it even though I am not a party to the disputed transaction. The dispute is between two principals. The information listed about the dispute is blatantly false.But Scambook doesn't even verify if the information is false or not. There is no vehicle to protect innocent people. They unfairly will place any information without validation which allows anyone to say anything about anybody at anytime which is indexed by all search engines which means that they become vehicle to ruin reputation without... Read more

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Scambook...Are the scammers. They are asking a company I filed a complaint against to front up with a monthly fee in the order of 300 to 500 dollars to keep the complaint from public view. This is pure blackmail and extortion. The company in question has agreed to refund me 6000 dollars, however they want the complaint taken down before they do so, and I have sympathy for that standpoint. Also be aware that they will fabricate and post complaints which are false. There appears to be an increasing string of complaints against Scambook... Read more

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