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Scambook is the fraud and will steal your personal information to their advantage.Scambook prays on innocent consumers.

Thereafter, they put complaints under businesses name without investigating the matter. For the business to get the information off, Scambook ask the business for money to take the complaint off. They sent us an e-mail in writing stating this, they want to blackmail our company to , pay or they leave the information up.

These people are *** artist and they want consumers to file complaints for them to make the business pay them, thereafter they take the complaint down.File your complaints somewhere else.

Monetary Loss: $299.


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Scambook is the Scam , Internet Extortion

#620755 is a group of class action suit attorneys who have an open forum where consumers can post complaints about businesses on their website then contacts the business that was the victim of the post and solicits money for the removal of the post. They have a website called: Scambook Business Resolve Complaint Resolution & Reputation Management.

And Lucy your update is completely false. An email was received from their dispute resolution department by a victimized business on March 9. 2013.


Scambook also called our company claiming to settle everything but got no assurance of resolution.

The person who called us is Zak and got no other details he claims to be a scambook investigator. Rip off....


Scambook called me from "310-388-4865" and basically wanted to confirm that they had my personal info. They did.


Well as I have said before in other posts, the best thing you can do is if you receive an email from about your business is to speak to your local law enforcement and have them forward the email to the FBI.

Let Law Enforcement handle this and that goes no matter where your Internet Business is in te world, report them your Federal Police Authorities.

Then follow it up with your Congressman and Senator.

Scambook is trying to do this Internationally, they will come unstuck and don't forget to make sure you contact every one in the media you know.


Hi is fake they not only ask you for money to remove the complaint, also the owners are unhappy costumers from some adult affiliate program that kick them out after they were found cheating them. So now they start to run a campaign of complaints against that affiliate network spreading untrusted words generated by them self with fictitious "pissed costumers". Please let me know if there is a way to fill a real complaint against


ScamBook Must Be Owned By The Stalker Hacker Network !!!

I Have A Stalker Mentally ill Hacker Sociopath That Has Posted Anonymously With A Phony Profile With No Contact Information and No Accountability !!!

Totally Absurd !!!

The FBI Or Secret Service Should Shut These People Down !!!

Thank-You, John Pierce, JohnHollywoodPierce


Scambook ruined my business and my personal life because they let people lie and they do nothing about it. We are in the process of filing a class action lawsuit

to We are suing Mountain View, California, United States #972470

Hi.Is the claim against your business still on and visible on the internet?

If you said yes, then I can help you to completely remove the false complaints filed against you from the internet for good. I also had a complaint against me put in scambook. I resolved the complaint and the person who had filed the complaint against me on scambook even told them that the complaint has been resolved and she wants to remove her post from Scambook's response was that once a complaint is on there site it is impossible to remove.

That is not true because I removed the post against me removed for good.

Contact me if you want me to remove your post from the internet.Email address

#440193 HAS blackmailed us as well! Just today!

They need to be taken DOWN.

One person made a false claim against us. We asked to be able to prove that this was a lie - but, yet they tagged this one false claim to where it posted on internet in 3-different places.

They want MONEY to take down. They did not care about proof!

They are THE SCAM of the internet!

Law Enforcement PLEASE take down

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